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Welcome to the page of Thai Cat Breeding.

Our domestic breeding of Thai cats is located in Finland, where we live.

We fell in love with this breed many years ago and at the beginning of 2017 we started to prepare ourselves for the realization of our dream — the foundation of breeding this beautiful Thai cats.

We started the process by taking part in the PawPeds cat knowledge course, we applied for the breeding status and were constantly expanding our knowledge about breeding the cats and taking care of them.

Mrs Helena Calińska put some confidence in us, and we received our first Thai female breeding cat named Jasmine Tajska Chata*PL in September 2017.

Thai cats are our love and passion, we really care about making this wonderful breed more and more familiar to many, and the priority is to breed beautiful, healthy, well-behaved and people friendly kittens with the recognised breeding Thai family.

We also care about the future owners of the kittens breeded by us to enjoy the unique character traits of Thai cats — their beauty and wisdom — and be proud of having a pure breed Thai cat.

Należymy do:

Od 02.02.2017 Suomen Kissaliitto

Od 02.02.2017 Keski-Suomen kissayhdistys ry( Kes-Kis )

Od 17.03.2017 Suomen Rotukissayhdistys ry ( SUROK )

Od 03.04.2017 Fédération Internationale Féline ( FIFe )

Od 12.09.2017 Klub Kota X-Treme

  • Suomen kissaliitto
    Suomen kissaliitto
  • Keski-Suomen kissayhdistys ry
    Keski-Suomen kissayhdistys ry
  • Suomen Rotukissayhdistys ry
    Suomen Rotukissayhdistys ry
  • Fédération Internationale Féline
    Fédération Internationale Féline
  • Klub Kota X-Treme
    Klub Kota X-Treme